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Colourgraphix offers a variety of financial assistance available through County, State and Federal agencies via programs which are already approved or in the process of being approved by the said entities. These educational programs and specialized training are available to general public, special groups, students, employers, employees, small business, medium to large corporations and Fortune 500 and are offered in the forms of diplomas, certificates, short term courses, custom- made training and seminars on site and off-site.

The sources of the aforementioned funding are summarized below in an alphabetical order.

ETP - Educational Training Panel: This is funded by the State of California providing training to existing or laid off employees of manufacturing companies who face out-of-state competition. The program also offers special training to small business owners.

Loans: The student/participant is offered a combination of student loans through Colourgraphix as well as through a bank or a financial institution of his/her choice.

S L M: This Federally Funded (Sallie Mae) but privately administered loan, with low-interest rate and up to 15 years to pay, is offered to anyone interested in (non) degree studies.

TAA/TRA: This Federally funded but State-administered Trade Assistance Act/Trade Readjustment Assistance program is designed to assist laid-off workers due to out-of-country trade competition or due to NAFTA.

Vocational Rehabilitation (Private): This privately funded (insurance companies) program is designed to assist the injured workers with medical as well as with educational rehabilitation.

Vocational Rehabilitation (State): This program is funded by the State to assist injured workers who otherwise do not qualify for private program.

WIA: Workforce Investment Act: This Federally & State funded program, administered by the county or city via the WIB (workforce investment board) is designed to assist the unemployed or displaced workers to find jobs through re-education or training.



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