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“We believe our success is based on your success!”

Your first step on the road to a new career!

Our Objective

"Colourgraphix' objective is to provide a leading-edge technology and training for the computer novice, as well as, the seasoned professional. Our short-term and affordable programs are designed to emphasize 'real world' practical situations that incorporate the latest technology by working live jobs into the course, creating hands-on experience for students.

The staff at Colourgraphix has worked for many years in the industry, and their desire is to assist the students as they enhance their skills in the fields of Advertising, Marketing, Printing, Graphic Design and Web Development." (Rolando Valera - School Director)

A world of opportunity is waiting for you.  The information technology industry has hundreds of thousands of positions all over the globe. The fact is, the industry needs imaginative people with wide-ranging interests and experiences from all walks of life.

At Colourgraphix our goal is to help you to re-engineer your career. We provide students with career-oriented and job related training that will allow them to meet the employment needs of the business community.