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In today’s ever-changing computer industry just being good at your job isn’t enough.  As computer technology increases, so does the demand for well-trained graphic designers.  Preparing, as a graphic designer will enhance your career opportunities, and give you better credentials.

Program Description

This program is for individual with no prerequisite for computer skills.  Instruction structure is intensive lecture, hands-on, and lab experiences.  Program is designed for individuals who are seeking entry-level positions working with computer graphics, software, printing, desktop publishing, marketing, and computer business applications. 

Possible Job Titles That This Program Could Lead To

The training may enable the student to apply for positions under the DOT Code 141.061.022  which include such employment titles as graphic designer assistant, web designer assistant, entry level desktop publisher, typesetter, general office clerk, & marketing assistant.

Training Schedule
Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm – Lab Day on Friday

Open enrollment every Monday.